Asim was established in 2014 and began to work his electronic expertise in the field of vehicle dynamics and experimental devices have.

The core activities of the company are as follows:
- Design and construction of equipment and power train test systems, parts and assemblies thereof
- Provide software and hardware development, testing and analysis of automotive and non-automotive power train and set its affiliates
The founders of this company have much experience in the field of research, design, testing, installation and construction of laboratory equipment related to vehicle dynamics and non-experience.

ASim, Design and development Electronic equipment, which call Asim Electronics for short. One of the electronics equipment, data recorder and controller system sales and producer in market. As well as representative several foreign company in his respective field, and offer their products in Iran market.

Asim Electronics published in 2014 and aim to reduce Iran dependencies to EU and Asian Industry. And in short term managed to provide various field for industries in order to self-sufficiency.