Since pre-ignition is one of the limiting factors in modern combustion engines, in order to prove the performance, we study this factor and finally we developed the pre-ignition detector system. This system measures the ion current via spark plug, with this consideration and its relation with the spark point, it sets the system. For the sake of simplicity, the goal of the new system is to work without measuring the pressure.

The Pre-ignition Detectors can be used in systems with more than one cylinder. In order to work, measure and detect in real time mode, a fast and complex measuring system has been designed. The PIDs measures the ion current cycle by cycle and it delivers the values to the system. We also thoughtfully cover the longest measurements as well.


The benefits of our system is listed below:


  • Simple installation.
  • No changes necessary for the engine design.
  • No changes necessary for the engine parts.
  • No need of pressure sensor.
  • It has the ability of development.
  • Its real time.
  • It can work for systems with more than one cylinder.