Strain Gauge:

High-Speed Strain measuring device (Up to 10 KHZ)

The force exerted on the object per unit area and check the behavior of shape change, is the most important reviews parameter, on discussions on strength and resistance.

To measure stress, should using small and accurate sensor, to calculate imported strain.

Asim Electronics Strain Meter, is a small and handy device, which can measure two strain sensors in high-speed simultaneously.


  • very light and small
  • high-speed measurement
  • powerful software for display and analysis of data
  • Ability to store data on Memory Stick

Technical Specifications:

  • 24 bit resolution
  • ±900Uv - ± 1V Measurement Range
  • Resistive strain gauge sensor
  • 0-2.5 V analog output
  • ≤ 10 µɛ percent measurement accuracy
  • 10 KHZ data record speed
  • Dimension 95x150x30 mm
  • Weight 347 Gram
  • Data record range 350-1K,120 (Optional)


  • Measurement device
  • Power supply
  • Sensors connector
  • User manual
  • Ethernet cable
  • Memory stick (optional)